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Te Ara Whetū - Pathway of the Stars

Te Ara Whetū - Pathway of the Stars - follows Ngā Marama Māori and is our annual koha in celebration of Matariki. 

A unique digital planner to mark Matariki -and the Māori New Year- this planner starts each month on Whiro (New moon) and ends Mutuwhenua - a full lunar month, that goes over 2 calendar months.   

This resource can either be used as a digital file (we recommend the app Good Notes) with a navigation menu (look for the whare symbol) or a paper version.

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Start using your planner again | Tuhi Stationery Ltd

Start using your planner again

Its never too late to start using your planner again.  Do not be daunted by the white spaces, or fear of messing it up - news flash, planners are meant to be messy, that means they are being well used.  Just start, make it yours and get the most out of it!
Stickers are not just for kids | Tuhi Stationery Ltd

Stickers are not just for kids

We love using stickers because they add colour, sparkle and joy to otherwise plain and repetitive spaces! Our Te Reo Māori or Samoan language stickers can also help in your language journey. 
Rātaka or Whitu - Tuhi Daily or Weekly Planner? | Tuhi Stationery Ltd

Rātaka or Whitu - Tuhi Daily or Weekly Planner?

There are pros and cons to either a Rātaka or Whitu - daily or weekly planner. The most important thing is that you find a planner that works for your life—and that makes it easier for you to get stuff done.

Tuhi Talks - Wāhine Māori in Business

New Podcast Series launching Te Rākaunui, Full Moon of Pipiri - Tuesday 14 June 2022.  Join us then for launch of new weekly podcast series. 

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